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When you see it all presented so clearly, you can make better decisions with your money! Fintonic displays your finances clearly and simply, advising you of what others don’t tell you… but that you’d like to know.

Stop worrying! Fintonic notifies you if anything important is happening with your money.

All your accounts, cards, term deposits… on a single site.

Your movements are automatically grouped into categories, so that you can consult them easily.

Your accounts and cards on the same site

All your accounts and cards (also store cards) together, not mixed up, so you can control your finances from a single place.


Your money, always well organised

Without lifting a finger, your money is automatically organised into categories so that you can review your monthly and weekly expenses easily: restaurants, electricity bills, petrol, supermarket, etc.


Get ahead of your expenses

Based on your spending patterns, Fintonic gives you an automatic monthly forecast of what you will spend and on what (you can adjust each category however you like of course).


Alerts on things no one tells you about

We don’t like (unpleasant) surprises with money. Fintonic notifies and warns you if something important is happening with your money, such as duplicated charges/payments, overdrafts, fees, policy expiries, etc. You will be up to date with everything that’s happening in your accounts without moving from the couch.


Personalised recommendations

We give you recommendations on products and services that match your spending profile and help you save, have better control your expenses and improve your risk profile.


At Fintonic, we take security very seriously

  • You register with your bank access codes (read only)
  • With the same security as the most advanced bank (256 bits)
  • We comply with European Directive PSD2 security requirements http://bit.ly/2mPae8A
  • Verified and validated by experts in security and digital privacy
  • All your private data are protected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Our business model consists of helping users find products that suit them best from among over 50 leading companies.

FIntonic makes money by charging companies when users purchase products, we never charge users. And in all cases, we never share personal information with third parties.