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5 years helping you to save and organize your money

Over 450,000 users now have their financial products in one single place, they control their expenses and receive alerts that nobody else sends.

Download Fintonic and get the most out of your money
  • Google award winner for the best financial app

Our only interest is for you to gain. In 2017 alone:

€13 million saved by our users in reimbursed charges.

278,379 alerts sent to our users in time to cover overdrafts.

€ 80 saved on average per person when they take out insurance via the app.

How easy; how handy

You’ll see how easy it can be to organise and improve your finances. At Fintonic, we’ve designed every detail to make your life easier... Are you up for it?


How SEXY are you to banks? Find out with the FinScore. For the first time, discover what your risk profile is to obtain:

  • The best conditions on your loans, mortgages, cards, insurance policies...
  • Negotiate on the same level, knowing how banks truly rate you (because information is power)
  • Take out your loan from the app itself
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Fintonic Loans

At Fintonic we look for the best loan for you from among all the institutions connected to our multi-institution platform (or marketplace).

  • Easy to take out, with no paperwork—whatever the institution may be—without leaving Fintonic!
  • Transparent offer, with no fees and no small print
  • We watch out for your interests, not those of the bank
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Get insured

40 insurers, the best prices and Fintonic on your side

  • Choose and apply for the insurance policy that is the most interesting for you
  • If you want, appoint us as your broker (representative) and we’ll watch over your security and interests (hey, we stick up for you)
  • Save work, time and money
  • At a glance, all your policies and their covers
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Control and Alerts

So that you know where your money is going and how fast.

  • All your accounts and cards together, but not mixed up
  • Movements grouped automatically into categories (supermarket, restaurants, petrol, etc.)
  • Alerts on overdrafts, fees, duplicated charges/payments, policy expiry dates, so that you know what’s going on all the time
  • Personalised analysis and recommendations to improve your accounts
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At Fintonic, we take security very seriously


Verified and validated by digital security and privacy experts
  • An email from @FINTONIC made me call the bank,
    and the bank solved the issue. Thanks a lot!