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If you know your FinScore, you know how SEXY you are to banks. Discover it and use it in your favour. The better your FinScore, the better the conditions you can get when applying for financial products both via Fintonic and elsewhere.

Find out your FinScore and get the best conditions for your loans, mortgages, cards, etc.

You can negotiate on the same level with institutions, because information is power!

Apply for your loan without leaving Fintonic, whichever institution you choose.

Negotiate on the same level

Now with FinScore, you’re going to be speaking on the same level as your institution and you can negotiate the best terms for yourself (among the many institutions connected to our multi-institution platform). You finally know first-hand what the banks already knew about you, but never told you.


Power in your hands

The higher the FinScore, the more negotiating power you’ll have with your bank and the better the financing conditions will be. You’ll enjoy a lower interest rate, a higher maximum financing amount with longer repayment times.


You can improve it

Everything can be improved in this world, even your FinScore! You can find tips and recommendations from our professional team to help you improve your score and thus be eligible for better financial products. If you follow them, you’ll see how you’ll have a much higher score in a few months


Our business model consists of helping users find products that suit them best from among over 50 leading companies.

FIntonic makes money by charging companies when users purchase products, we never charge users. And in all cases, we never share personal information with third parties.