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Over 40 insurance companies, the best prices and Fintonic on your side as your broker.

Apply for the insurance that most interests you from among around 40 insurance companies, and we’ll help you get the best terms and conditions

If you want, we’ll stand up for you with your insurer for any procedures or emergencies, even to help you get your compensation settlements faster

Save work, time and money. Check our prices by phone to 91 201 085 or by whatsapp to 693 798 168.

Your insurance policies at Fintonic

You can see all your insurance policies and what they cover, the annual cost per insurance and overall, alerts on your next payment (so that you can decide what to do) and, of course, if you want to change, you’ve got the option of applying for another insurance from the app. It’s that easy!


All your policies within easy reach

At a single glance, you've got full detailed information on your policies, a notification on expiry dates and a prior estimate of your next payment.


Search, compare and apply

Find the insurance that’s best for you and apply from the app, with full assurance of independence, ease and transparency.


Free brokerage service

We are at your service, with personal care. We handle all processes and paperwork for your policies (even claims). Oh, and with all the love in the world.

Fintonic Insurance
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  • motorcycle
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  • life
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  • animals

With Fintonic, you’ve got the products from over 40 insurance companies so that you can find the insurance that fits you like a glove. We are much more than a simple search engine.


Our business model consists of helping users find products that suit them best from among over 50 leading companies.

FIntonic makes money by charging companies when users purchase products, we never charge users. And in all cases, we never share personal information with third parties.