• The fintech has developed a tool to allow retailers to defer payment of their customers’ purchases with a single fully digital procedure
  • Over the last year, in the midst of the pandemic, Fintonic increased the loans granted to its users by 90%

The Fintonic finance app’s loan platform, the first marketplace comprising 15 financial institutions, continues to grow with the launch of a customised financing facility for points of sale. This is one of the major new developments that will be presented by Lupina Iturriaga, founder and Co-CEO of Fintonic, when she speaks at the Paris Forum Fintech, one of the core meeting places for the European fintech sector.

Fintonic, the Spanish fintech, has developed a solution that allows any retailer, whether on the street or online, to offer their customers the chance to defer the payment of their purchases via a single fully digital procedure, without having to provide any documents whatsoever.

To activate the financing, Fintonic gives buyers their FinScore, a score determining their credit profile and allowing them to access the entire loan offer of the banks integrated in the platform. This system enables the granting of customised credit, with the most advantageous terms and conditions for each profile. It is much quicker than traditional procedures and the approval rate is higher. Also, thanks to the FinScore, a user does not need to already be a customer in order to benefit from the financing facility.

Present in over 500 outlets across Spain, Fintonic loans for retailers range from 750 to 50,000 euros across a number or sectors, such as education, medical treatments, home refurbishing and interior decoration, vehicles, travel, etc.

“The high degree of customization of this model fosters responsible borrowing and ensures that buyers get financing under the best market conditions. It also represents a simple and effective tool for retailers to reap the benefits of digitisation,” says Lupina Iturriaga.

Almost five years after being set up, the Fintonic loan platform has become consolidated among the major credit suppliers in Spain. It currently comprises top-tier financial institutions including Santander, Bankinter, BBVA, Unicaja, Cajasiete, Younited, Wanna, Zaplo and Fidinda, just to name a few.

Over the last years, Fintonic has channelled loans in excess of 250 million euros. Also, over the last twelve months, right in the midst of the pandemic, the platform increased the loans granted by 90%.

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